It became very obvious to me at an early age, that not only did I feel better emotionally when well dressed, but felt that I was also viewed (measured) differently by others. Like it or not, our appearance is how we’re initially assessed as individuals, and our personal style puts us in certain categories, or not.
Custom Suits by Ernest L was born from the inspiring concept of “be measured”, encouraging you to create your personal style, look, and/or category specific to you. We do not offer off the rack clothing. Off The Rack (OTR) clothing can provide a certain value for those looking to stay current with fashion trends, or searching for a last minute bargain. When wearing OTR clothing, it’s not uncommon to find that someone else is wearing that same article of clothing, as OTR is made for the masses.
I employ the finest tailors and cutters, with 40 plus years of experience. We use the finest fabrics in the industry, and hand make all of our clothing. Whether you’re the seasoned professional, dapper gentleman, or someone who just enjoys fine quality clothing, we can help you develop, and maintain your signature style. All gentlemen look dashing in suits handmade just for them. We encourage you to be bold, be stylish, be you, and be measured. 
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